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May 7, 2006


Jason Ricci and New Blood - Walter's World (Blood On The Road, Rah Fax Records, 2003)
Watermelon Slim and the Workers- Hard Times (Self Titled, Northern Blues, 2005)
Big Dave- Let's Rock and Roll (Naked Productions, 2004)

Spinner's Section:
Drippin' Honey: few & far between (Senorita, Sprechen Sie Love?, Cool Buzz Records, 1999)
Sugar Ray & the Bluetones: hands across the table (Hands Across The Table, Severn Records, 2005)
Betty Hall Jones: buddy, stay off that wine (1949) (Those Great Blues Girls From The 40's, Capitol, 1985)
Chris Daniels & the Kings: you put the hurt on me (That's What I Like About The South, Redstone Records / Provogue, 1989)
Brother Jake: cannon ball (huggin' the blues, self release, 2000)

Back to Beardo:
TEE-Something You Got (Lights On, Naked Productions, 2001)
John Hammond-Till The Money Runs Out (LIVE)
Jason Ricci and New Blood-Reverse Technology (Live at Checkers Tavern, Blue Sunday Entertainment, 2005)

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