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Mar 5, 2006


Stinky Lou and the Goonmat with Lord Benardo- Somebody Else
Carlos del Junco: lonely buzz (Big boy, Big Reed Records, 1998)
Blues Crowns & Lynwood Slim: believe it
Frank Sinatra: one for the road (Only the lonely, Capitol, 1958)
Colin James: bad habits (Bad habits, Elektra, 1995)
Barrelhouse: straight to the airport (Live, Munich Records, 2004)
Jeff Beck Group LIVE-You Shook Me/Let Me Love You (from
Joe Bonamassa- You Upset Me Baby
Graham Bond- I Want You
Lady Bianca-Still Good
Bobby Rush-Hoochie Man
A snippet of Tilburg Slim and the Spinners from 15th Annual Bandana Blues 08/06/05