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Oct 14, 2018

Show #760

You Gotta Hear This

Spinner has got a lot of great new music for you: lots of blues and few odd tunes you might not expect.
So you gotta hear this.

01. Lindsay Beaver - You're Evil (3:21) (Tough As Love, Alligator Records, 2018)
02. JP Williams Blues Band - Leave My Poor Heart Alone (3:31) (Everblue,...

Oct 7, 2018

Show #759

Semi-Connected Again

Spinner was semi-connected again to the outside world by means of a mobile WiFi device supplied to him by his internet provider.
And so he was able to learn about the passing of a few prominent people, which ofcourse gave him the blues.

01. Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue (2:27) (45 RPM Single,...

Sep 30, 2018

Show #758


Spinner was disconnected from the internet, leaving him no other choice than to pick songs that kinda fitted the situation.
And it sure gave him the blues. So listen to this episode if you want some.

01. Popa Chubby - Bad Connection (4:14) (The Good, The Bad And The Chubby, Blind Pig...

Sep 23, 2018

Show #757

A Real Kick-Ass Show

Spinner had a hard time putting this show together. Too much new music, too much great material to choose from.
So it was difficult to pick the tunes for this Bandana Blues episode.
But after he had made his choices it turned out to be a kick-ass show.

01. Billy Hector - Wizard Of Babylon...

Sep 16, 2018

Show #756

Memorial for Beardo

This week on september 17 it is exactly 1 year ago that Spinner's lifelong friend and partner at Bandana Blues suddenly, very unexpectedly, passed away. In this episode you will find some sad songs that kinda reflect Spinner's state of mind. Plus music by some of Beardo's favorite artists.