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Jul 13, 2019

Show #799

Enjoy The Music

Just a usual Bandana Blues episode filled with great music, new and old. So enjoy the music.

01. Dennis Jones - Enjoy The Ride (3:46) (Both Sides Of The Track, Blue Rock Records, 2016)
02. Selwyn Birchwood - Overworked And Underpaid (4:07) (Don't Call No Ambulance, Alligator Records, 2014)

Jul 7, 2019

Show #798

Havin' A Ball

Spinner is havin' a ball because the Dutch-American connection of Bandana Blues is nicely reflected in the Women's Soccer World Championship Final with the American Women soccer team playing against the Dutch Women soccer team.
He produced a great episode with new and party music before the game...

Jun 30, 2019

Show #797

Summer Heat

The summer heat made Spinner go slow, but it didn't stop him from producing a nice Bandana Blues episode.

01. Jersey Swamp Cats - Cupcake! (3:30) (Go Cat Go!, self-release, 2019)
02. Cheyenne James - Gypsy Mama (4:23) (Burn It Up, self-release, 2018)
03. Rodrigo Souza - Down The River (3:54) (Down...

Jun 23, 2019

Show #796

Blues & Oddities

Spinner might surprise you with a few odd songs in this episode.
But there's always a connection with the blues of some sort.

01. Tailgators - Carolee (4:15) (OK Let's Go!, Restless Records, 1988)
02. Katarina Pejak - She's Coming After You (3:31) (Roads That Cross, Ruf Records, 2019)

Jun 16, 2019

Show #795

On With The Show

Just a regular episode with new and recent music.

01. Savoy Brown - Don't Hang Me Out To Dry (4:19) (City Night, Quarto Valley Records, 2019)
02. John Clifton - Junkie Woman Blues (4:19) (In The Middle Of Nowhere, Rip Cat Records, 2019)
03. Cara Being Blue - You Don't Wanna (4:22) (Grit,...