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Mar 17, 2019

Show #782

Blues As Usual

There is lots of new music in this episode. And ofcourse it's blues as usual.

01. AG Weinberger - Cadillac Blues (4:14) (Reborn, Bigfoot Records, 2018)
02. Ms Zeno - Gotta Get Paid (3:22) (Back In Love, Blue Lotus Records, 2018)
03. Tony Cuchetti & Joe Flip - Lovin' Biscuits (5:31) (Tin Can...

Mar 10, 2019

Show #781

Nice 'n' Easy

Spinner put together an episode that turned out to be nice 'n' easy.

01. Laura Tate - Can't Say No (5:11) (Let's Just Be Real, 811 Gold Records, 2017)
02. The Strikes - So Cold (6:39) (Bathroom Acoustics, Cool Buzz Records, 2004)
03. Sugaray Rayford - My Cards Are On The Table (4:22) (Somebody...

Mar 3, 2019

Show #780

More Cool Stuff

In this episode Spinner tickles your ears with some more cool stuff.

01. Fabulous Thunderbirds - Love In Common (4:49) (Hot Number, Epic Records, 1987)
02. Bonnie Bramlett - Made A Believer Out Of Me (3:56) (I'm Still The Same, Audium Entertainment, 2002)
03. Atomic Road Kings - Have Your Way...

Feb 25, 2019

Show #779

Cool Stuff

Due to a busy weekend and a cold that slowed Spinner down, this show got online later than usual.
But here it is: mostly new music and an occasional oldie. In other words: lot's of cool stuff.

01. Kenny Parker - Back Up Plan (6:58) (Hellfire, Rock-A-While Records, 2019)
02. Ray Allen - Blues Please...

Feb 17, 2019

Show #778

Thru The Cracks

In this episode of Bandana Blues Spinner presents to you music that fell thru the cracks, so to speak, but definitely deserves some attention. Enjoy.

01. Phantom Blues Band - A Good Time With The Blues (3:15) (Inside Out, VizzTone Records, 2012)
02. Fiona Boyes - Juke Joint on Moses Lane...