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Aug 12, 2018

Show #751

Plug It IN !!!

Another Bandana Blues episode filled with good music.
A diversity of blues tunes with 10 new albums and some other recent stuff.
So plug it in and enjoy.

01. Slapback Johnny - Doin' Time (2:46) (Hit Me Up, Rhythm Bomb, 2018)
02. Damon Fowler - Running Out Of Time (5:09) (The Whiskey Bayou...

Aug 5, 2018

Show #750

Celebration Cheers

Number SEVEN HUNDRED FIFTY... can you believe it?
Let's drink to that! Go get the show and enjoy!

01. Della Reese - Drinking Again (2:31) (I Like It Like Dat!, Jasmine, 1966)
02. Buddy Guy - Whiskey For Sale (4:02) (The Blues Is Alive And Well, Silvertone/RCA, 2018)
03. Mitch Kashmar -...