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Feb 17, 2019

Show #778

Thru The Cracks

In this episode of Bandana Blues Spinner presents to you music that fell thru the cracks, so to speak, but definitely deserves some attention. Enjoy.

01. Phantom Blues Band - A Good Time With The Blues (3:15) (Inside Out, VizzTone Records, 2012)
02. Fiona Boyes - Juke Joint on Moses Lane...

Feb 10, 2019

Show #777

Variety In Blue

In this show Spinner plays songs of your favorite musical color: a variety in blue.

01. Big Joe & the Dynaflows - So Mean To Me (3:15) (Rockhouse Party, Severn Records, 2019)
02. Katie Henry - Dead Man's Hands (4:09) (High Road, self-release, 2018)
03. Blue Largo - Walkin' On A Tightrope...

Feb 4, 2019

Show #776

Blue Shades

In this episode of Bandana Blues you will find many different shades of blue.
But that's not much of a surprise, is it?

01. Anthony Geraci - Fifty Shades Of Blue (3:27) (Fifty Shades Of Blue, Delta Groove Records, 2015)
02. Barry Levenson & Johnny Dyer - Drinking Stops Me Thinking (4:16) (Hard...

Jan 31, 2019

Bandana Blues Special

Spinner's Jazz Adventure #3

Here's another Bandana Blues Special filled with jazz music out of Spinner's jazz collection.

01. Amsterdam Jazz Quintet - Sailing (8:12) (Pictures Of Amsterdam, A-Records, 1995)
02. Herbie Hancock - Three Bags Full (5:26) (Takin' Off, Blue Note Records, 1962)
03. Art...

Jan 28, 2019

Show #775

Colorful Blues

Spinner plays lots of recent music and some other older stuff in this episode. Plus three tracks from vinyl.

01. Ina Forsman - Get Mine (4:01) (Been Meaning To Tell You, Ruf Records, 2019)
02. Big Joe Duskin - One Dirty Rat (4:30) (Big Joe Jumps Again!, Yellow Dog Records, 2004)
03. Tomislav...