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Apr 14, 2019

Show #786

A Regular Bandana

This episode is simply a regular Bandana Blues with new music and some older stuff, plus a vinyl trio.

01. Tony Campanella - Mr. Cleanhead (5:22) (Taking It To The Street, Gulf Coast Records, 2019)
02. Al Basile - Lefty's Nine Lessons (5:45) (Me & The Originator, Sweetspot Records, 2018)

Apr 7, 2019

Show #785

Another Quick One

Again Spinner didn't have much time to produce this episode.
So he picked a couple of long tracks out of the Bandana Blues music library.

01. Paul Mark & the Van Dorens - Dead End Town (6:34) (IndigoVertigo, Radiation Records, 2002)
02. Anders Osborne - Life Is Strange (5:57) (Ash Wednesday...

Mar 31, 2019

Show #784

A Quick One

Spinner didn't have much time to produce this episode, so it's a quick one, but with lots of great recent music.

01. Wily Bo Walker & E.D. Brayshaw - Night Of The Hunter (5:58) (The Roads We Ride, Mescal Canyon Records, 2019)
02. Cara Being Blue - Old Feelin' (5:13) (Grit, self-release, 2019)

Mar 24, 2019

Show #783

In Memoriam Dave Raven

With a deep bow out of respect for Dave Raven and to honor his dedication to the blues, this Bandana Blues episode is filled with some of the live recordings Dave produced for The Raven and The Blues in his small houseboat studio.

01. Magda Piskorczyk - Life Is Like The Good Old Tasty...

Mar 17, 2019

Show #782

Blues As Usual

There is lots of new music in this episode. And ofcourse it's blues as usual.

01. AG Weinberger - Cadillac Blues (4:14) (Reborn, Bigfoot Records, 2018)
02. Ms Zeno - Gotta Get Paid (3:22) (Back In Love, Blue Lotus Records, 2018)
03. Tony Cuchetti & Joe Flip - Lovin' Biscuits (5:31) (Tin Can...